Ideally located and with a wide range of offers, the Hotel Birgkarhaus uses its profits in an unusual way. As a social enterprise, it invests TOTAL profits in local and international social projects. 90% of the profit will be used for disabled ski courses and mountain rescue will go to the 10%.

The COINS Foundation is a non-profit organization of the COINS Group, a global provider of construction software. The aim of the foundation is to use the possibilities of the company to create a better and more sustainable future. It currently supports a wide range of social initiatives around the world, including a school for children with special needs in the UK and Habitat for Humanity, one of the largest housing NGOs, and PEAS, a charity that builds and operates schools in Africa.

Throughout the year the hotel offers you a pleasant setting, be it for a team-building weekend, a family outing or a yoga course in a relaxed atmosphere. Not only can we guarantee you a great experience, but you can also sleep peacefully knowing that your stay in our hotel will help people all over the world. If that doesn’t help you sleep at night, then what?